Future changes

  • standard events
  • behavior of alarms at connect/reconnect
  • sampling-rate
  • unregister_* methods
  • WIP: proposal timeout/progress/cancel
  • WIP: proposal error codes
  • WIP: data client items metadata

Current Version

  • consistent method signatures (return a TEK_SA_RESULT, generated handles etc. passed as out parameter)
  • all array dimensions and counts now have type uint32_t (as size_tis implementation defined)
  • introduced struct tek_sa_configuration which defines the global timeout value (and may be extended later)
  • defined struct member offsets and check them at compile time
  • verified standard ISO/IEC 9899:1990 (C90) and ISO/IEC 14882:1998 (C++98) conformance
  • improved documentation
  • code formatting rules created and applied

Release 0.9.0

  • published generated documentation
  • improved and extended documentation
  • restructured documentation of decisions concerning the API architecture
  • documentation of all API items
  • consistent naming off all API items (tek_sa_ resp. TEK_SA_)

PG Meeting 2021/09/06